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VCE Legal Studies 3/4 Lesson 1-3
Intro to VCE Legal Studies, produced by Jemima Raw Score 50 for Legal Studies Principles of Justice Summary Offences Indictable Offences Indictable Offences heard Summarily Elements of Crime Rights of the Auccused - Right to Fair Hearing Rights of the Accused - Right to Trial by Jury Right to Trial withur unreasonable delay Rights of the Victim - Definition of Victim15:19 Right to Give Evidence as a Vulnerable Victim Rights to be informed about proceedings Right to be informed of likely release of the Accused and summary of Lesson 2
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Intrudction to Lesson 2 produced by Jemima Raw Score 50 for Legal Studies

Victorian Legal Aid

Community Legal Aid

Committal Proceedings

Plea Negotiations

Sentence Negotiations 22:46 What will be coverd in Lesson 3

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